Creating Intelligent Sites
– Simple as 1, 2, 3.

 Creowave C-site is a unique remote monitoring system that provides an easy and modern way to monitor wells and benefit from the real-time data available wherever and whenever you need it.


Install the S7 and R7 units to your site.
The units automatically connect to each other and sends the data to your data server.
Benefit immediately from the cost-effectiveness of the system when less engineering and maintenance hours are needed.


Read your site values immediately after installation.
Use you workstation or smart phone to access the real-time data wherever and whenever you need it.


C-site Remote Monitoring System comes with real benefits.

•  Easy set-up and installation
•  Cost-effectiveness – less engineer and maintenance hours, less surprises
•  Easy configuration for customer needs
•  Support for different transducers
•  Multiple data transfer technologies – Wifi, 3G or TETRA
•  Support for even remote locations with solar panels and satellites


Configurability through software and applications, such as enabling utilization in remote locations.


Real-time data  wherever and whenever you need it to enable decision making based on accurate values.


Less needs to site visits leads to decreased HSE risks.

It’s that simple. No surprises.

Learn technical details.